So I Guess I Should Say Something About TETRARKHOUT

TETRARKHOUT is a game about a dead old man who made an extremely strange Atari video game. You are a hacker-fucker type person who finds the unmarked cartridge and figures out a way to load it up on your PC. Hidden messages and symbols haunt you throughout the game, and there are many easter eggs and such to guide you through the narrative, not to mention the average nightmare inducing CRT spasms.

It could be described as Five Nights at Freddy’s without the heavy jumpscare factor.

I have been speaking with a small scale publisher who would be willing to handle the Greenlight and distribution headaches for me on this project.  This is important to me, as I want to have the highest quality product I can make, but in order to do that I need as much time as possible to just develop.

The game itself is coming along just fine, and I am actually still working on other projects as well. The other day on a dare I made a stupid game about dogs and sprinklers. I cheated a lot, and the art and music aren’t mine, but it’s good to exercise your ability to create an immediate release when you have that power.

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