What’s Happening Right Now?

Right now I am settling into a new job and travelling through Africa for a couple weeks. Once I return from that I will be getting back into the swing of TETRARKHOUT development and releasing the latest update.

Things on the fire: possibly getting an office in a local co-op space. Mostly depends on whether I can afford it and whether it actually happens. Sirmooge has been designing a new game that looks pretty cool, I may or may not be involved with it. No details to speak of yet.

Until then, stay safe! The news says the outdoors is a scary place right now.

The History of The Vic-30

I wrote an article here about the Vic-30. It tells you a bit about the system BRKÖUT was originally developed for and the circumstances leading up to it’s development. It’s a pretty interesting story, worth the read if you’ve never heard of the Vic-30 before.