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Stupid Massive Unbelievable Games was formed in 2014 when Fisher Wagg needed a title so he could buy a domain to host a game online so his friends could play. At the time he was looking for something jokey and cutesy and after abbreviating to SMUGames, the deed was done.

Google defines being “Stupid” as “lacking intelligence or common sense.” Just about all of the games produced under the SMUGames name fit that literal definition. It is true that many of these games are silly time wasting-type games. There isn’t much to the design and programming of these types of games, it’s all been done before and done better at that.

We are firm believers in the “fail faster” design process. Keep things stupid, and you are sure to fail over and over again. By that flawed logic you should be able to one day succeed! Think of the wonderment of that, something genuinely stupid pulling off it’s goals with great meaning and simultaneously throwing any and all meaning to the wind! According to this mindset, all the failures add up to a much bigger payoff than if a developer played it safe and never made something just because it popped into their head.

And so goes the lackadaisical, pointless, and overall dull manifesto of Stupid Massive Unbelievable Games.

We are hyperbole at it’s finest.

Why are you still here? There’s free video games to play!