Fatal Octopus Universe

Fatal Octopus Universe Screencap

Fatal Octopus Universe was done with the intention of training for Ludum Dare 29. The game had very little forethought besides “I’m going to make a game now” and a stupid doodle of a wizard. The bad guy sprites are inspired by Introversion Software’s Multiwinia and Darwinia minimalist designs.

You are tasked with defending a city in the clearing of a forest. An evil space octopus has landed nearby with his massive armies, ready to do battle. You must hold the line by controlling the turrets on your tower with the left and right mouse buttons. You have several types of turret at your disposal as well, including fire, arrows, and toxic sludge. Your turrets upgrade over time with every kill to prepare you for the final boss, Lord Spacetopus himself!

The game can be downloaded here!

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