The Sound of Silence

So as many of you are aware, (and if you aren’t) I have a full time job that sucks and I do it because I need money. As it is right now, I don’t have a product to monetize so making money from my games just isn’t happening. I have my fingers in so many figurative game pies it’s ridiculous. It’s very likely that I will be dropping a title or two from the list, but two are definitely being made, and they are TETRARKHOUT and Brandi: Summer Adventure… it’s just that I need to have time to make them first.

To all of my friends who keep listening to me complaining about my job and how I need to quit and how I need to make more video games, thank you for listening to my useless noise. I have to record an album and switch to a better job this coming winter, but I’ll be back on the road to game maker-ness soon enough.

Who knows, maybe I won’t be alone.

For now I have updated the site with links to TETRARKHOUT and other such goodness. I intend to update this blog more often with actual goings-on, I also intend to divide my workspace better so I can be more productive in the long run. These games need to get made, otherwise I don’t have a clue what I’ll do with myself.

Thanks for your support.