A Cool Thing Happened

Just as I had finished posting my game on itch.io, Rami Ismail of Vlambeer posts in his Twitter that he is doing a call-in show on his Twitch channel and he was gonna do it for maybe another hour. This was my chance, I log in and scramble to set up my macbook to dial in thru Skype.

I waited through a few calls before Rami picked me. I think the first thing out of my mouth was “holy shit, I made it?” or something. I continued to blubber on about my new game and since it was about 4:45 or so in the morning I really had no idea what I wanted to say so I asked him if he thought my game was a good idea. He bought it on the air! And a bunch of people in the Twitch chat bought it too! It was kind of magical.

I would link it, but it’s a five hour long video and Twitch doesn’t have timestamp links yet. But it was cool and worth writing about.

So yeah. Rami likes TETRARKHOUT. Maybe you’ll like it too?