Music Videogame Jam and Hangout Jam

I did some jam stuff recently. You can play the products here:


Incomprehensible Leisure Suit Panic:

Bravo.Zulu is about the future of war, purely remote and senseless. It has illegal music. I imagine I will receive a takedown notice. It’s worth playing, just for the senseless slaughter. There aren’t any ratings for this jam I don’t think.

Incomprehensible Leisure Suit Panic is about bullshit. This game is straight stupid. I received my first piece of hatemail from this game and it was great. I’m actually a little proud about how awful this game is. I cam in 5th out of 6. Deserving, yet I still feel cheated. Meh.

Cheers I guess. Can Americans say that?000



From Bravo.Zulu