A Cool Thing Happened

Just as I had finished posting my game on itch.io, Rami Ismail of Vlambeer posts in his Twitter that he is doing a call-in show on his Twitch channel and he was gonna do it for maybe another hour. This was my chance, I log in and scramble to set up my macbook to dial in thru Skype.

I waited through a few calls before Rami picked me. I think the first thing out of my mouth was “holy shit, I made it?” or something. I continued to blubber on about my new game and since it was about 4:45 or so in the morning I really had no idea what I wanted to say so I asked him if he thought my game was a good idea. He bought it on the air! And a bunch of people in the Twitch chat bought it too! It was kind of magical.

I would link it, but it’s a five hour long video and Twitch doesn’t have timestamp links yet. But it was cool and worth writing about.

So yeah. Rami likes TETRARKHOUT. Maybe you’ll like it too?

Music Videogame Jam and Hangout Jam

I did some jam stuff recently. You can play the products here:

Bravo.Zulu: http://gamejolt.com/games/bravo-zulu/126101

Incomprehensible Leisure Suit Panic: http://gamejolt.com/games/incomprehensible-leisure-suit-panic/123183

Bravo.Zulu is about the future of war, purely remote and senseless. It has illegal music. I imagine I will receive a takedown notice. It’s worth playing, just for the senseless slaughter. There aren’t any ratings for this jam I don’t think.

Incomprehensible Leisure Suit Panic is about bullshit. This game is straight stupid. I received my first piece of hatemail from this game and it was great. I’m actually a little proud about how awful this game is. I cam in 5th out of 6. Deserving, yet I still feel cheated. Meh.

Cheers I guess. Can Americans say that?000



From Bravo.Zulu

So I Guess I Should Say Something About TETRARKHOUT

TETRARKHOUT is a game about a dead old man who made an extremely strange Atari video game. You are a hacker-fucker type person who finds the unmarked cartridge and figures out a way to load it up on your PC. Hidden messages and symbols haunt you throughout the game, and there are many easter eggs and such to guide you through the narrative, not to mention the average nightmare inducing CRT spasms.

It could be described as Five Nights at Freddy’s without the heavy jumpscare factor.

I have been speaking with a small scale publisher who would be willing to handle the Greenlight and distribution headaches for me on this project.  This is important to me, as I want to have the highest quality product I can make, but in order to do that I need as much time as possible to just develop.

The game itself is coming along just fine, and I am actually still working on other projects as well. The other day on a dare I made a stupid game about dogs and sprinklers. I cheated a lot, and the art and music aren’t mine, but it’s good to exercise your ability to create an immediate release when you have that power.

The Sound of Silence

So as many of you are aware, (and if you aren’t) I have a full time job that sucks and I do it because I need money. As it is right now, I don’t have a product to monetize so making money from my games just isn’t happening. I have my fingers in so many figurative game pies it’s ridiculous. It’s very likely that I will be dropping a title or two from the list, but two are definitely being made, and they are TETRARKHOUT and Brandi: Summer Adventure… it’s just that I need to have time to make them first.

To all of my friends who keep listening to me complaining about my job and how I need to quit and how I need to make more video games, thank you for listening to my useless noise. I have to record an album and switch to a better job this coming winter, but I’ll be back on the road to game maker-ness soon enough.

Who knows, maybe I won’t be alone.

For now I have updated the site with links to TETRARKHOUT and other such goodness. I intend to update this blog more often with actual goings-on, I also intend to divide my workspace better so I can be more productive in the long run. These games need to get made, otherwise I don’t have a clue what I’ll do with myself.

Thanks for your support.


New Screenshots, New Projects

So since the last time I posted I’ve started a few projects. One is a strategy game about water and ending life as we know it, the other is a stupid little shooter game. Hopefully I will get to finish Brandi someday, but for now that is difficult. I have a full time job now that requires my attention at least 50 hours in the week so my time to work on these has been seriously limited. That said, I am most definitely not giving up on any of these projects.

For now, here’s some screenshots of new stuff, this is the strategy game. You place pumps on planets and suck out the water.

screencapWE screencapWE2

…And we have concept art!


Thanks to Abby of Abby’s Commissions, we have a face to put to the name! The clothing is of course not permanent. Abby will also be helping me out with some of the animations and whatnot because she’s a cool kid who’s getting paid.



Do you want to be paid to do art as well? Send me a portfolio at fisher@smugames.com.



What is Brandi: Summer Adventure?

So I’ve been making a lot of noise about some project titled Brandi: Summer Adventure. You may be wondering what that is.

Brandi Summer Adventure will be an adventure game based off “girl-games” of the 90’s and early 2000’s. It will have multiple distinctive parts, several mini games, and a dark and interesting plot twist with an eclectic soundtrack to boot. Gameplay will be similar to games like The Secret of Monkey Island and I Have No Mouth and I Must Scream  while taking visual references from classic and present-day _arbi_ games (wink).

The game will most likely be a PC/Mac/Linux game only, though a mobile port is definitely not out of the question. This game will be unlike other games I have created, this one I do intend to charge for. So I imagine it will be available at a price point somewhere between 5-15 USD on both digital distribution stores and physical media (yes, a real DVD!)

Make no mistake, this will not be a children’s game. This is fully intended for a mature audience.

I hope you all are excited for this new venture of mine. There will be more updates as it progresses and eventually a free playable demo.

This is definitely the most ambitious game project I’ve attempted and I would really appreciate some help. Applications are currently being accepted to be a part of the team, in particular folks who are experienced (or at least interested) in digital art and animation as well as programming with Construct 2 and can work over the internet. Payment would consist of a cut of the profits of the end product equivalent to the amount of effort put into the product. I am accepting résumés and such at fisher@smugames.com.