Ver Rojo Is Out And About

Hello friends and fans alike! Today is a good day, as I have decided to finally release what has been called the “scary bull game” into the public under the condition that it is a product in beta and will be improved on again some time in the future.  Go play it on Game Jolt!

Things to do still:

  • Add new backgrounds
  • Improve graphics
  • Improve GUI
  • Release for Android and local play and such
  • Implement high score system on Game Jolt

If you guys have a feature you’d like to see, let me know!

As always I am reachable at

BouncyBlock and The Power of Construct 2

For those who don’t know, I primarily use the Construct 2 engine and development software for my game making stuff. I chose Construct 2 while it was still in alpha because I saw a demo video showing someone drag a picture on screen,  set it’s  behavior to platformer, and add animations from a spritesheet for the running and jumping. In about five minutes the little guy was running around and jumping about all willy-nilly and I was amazed at the super speed player response possibilities.  If the game was about jumping around, it was half done!

BouncyBlock didn’t take much thought or creativity, in fact virtually none of either of those things went into it. Whether or not it’s fun is up to you, but the main reason I created it was to show how quickly you can get a playable (and not a half bad) product out of Construct 2 extremely rapidly. In fact, the game can be created in under an hour from scratch if you have an exact idea of what it will be like.

This is also my first game being hosted on Game Jolt and Newgrounds but not on I think this may be how I do most of my new games from now on so I can downplay server bandwidth on this site and also accrue minimal ad revenue without ever putting an ad in my game. For now the server space here is free of monetary cost and advertisements, I’d like to keep it that way!

Ver Rojo is still going to release for android, but to be honest it’s taken a lot of strength to get it ready for release. I’ve never released to Android before, but luckily I have some Google-philiac friends helping me out along the way. I expect a release in mid-may, possibly sooner. Of course I will post literally everywhere about it, and that game will most likely have minimal ads.

Thanks for reading! Enjoy BouncyBlock!

Welcome to the new site!

Welcome to the new and improved!

Games are now located on their own separate pages located along the top bar to make access easier!

To do list:

  • Web version of Fatal Octopus Universe
  • Make more easter eggs (will you be able to find all 20? I will make an announcement when they are all hidden on the site!)
  • Research and evaluate possible ad usage on
  • Complete and release Ver Rojo!

Ver Rojo development is coming along swimmingly, I may even submit it to The Finish a Game jam if it is done on time! I am currently researching how to get the game onto the Google Play store, but if that doesn’t work out I will just host a download link here with the APK for android users :)

That’s it for now, thanks for visiting!


Nothing to see here folks…

Sorry about this, the site is under some heavy maintenance at the moment. We’re switching from BaseKit to Worpress and it’s all in the name of looking more professional. Hopefully from now on the site will be easier to use, but until we’re done this is all there is.  If you’re looking for the games, they’re still here just not where they used to be.

The Last Landmine Racer

Fatal Octopus Universe (Downloads for PC, Mac, and Linux)

Give us a few days and we should have a brand spankin’ new site for our games, including a new game called Ver Rojo! For more information, visit our Facebook page.