What is Brandi: Summer Adventure?

So I’ve been making a lot of noise about some project titled Brandi: Summer Adventure. You may be wondering what that is.

Brandi Summer Adventure will be an adventure game based off “girl-games” of the 90’s and early 2000’s. It will have multiple distinctive parts, several mini games, and a dark and interesting plot twist with an eclectic soundtrack to boot. Gameplay will be similar to games like The Secret of Monkey Island and I Have No Mouth and I Must Scream  while taking visual references from classic and present-day _arbi_ games (wink).

The game will most likely be a PC/Mac/Linux game only, though a mobile port is definitely not out of the question. This game will be unlike other games I have created, this one I do intend to charge for. So I imagine it will be available at a price point somewhere between 5-15 USD on both digital distribution stores and physical media (yes, a real DVD!)

Make no mistake, this will not be a children’s game. This is fully intended for a mature audience.

I hope you all are excited for this new venture of mine. There will be more updates as it progresses and eventually a free playable demo.

This is definitely the most ambitious game project I’ve attempted and I would really appreciate some help. Applications are currently being accepted to be a part of the team, in particular folks who are experienced (or at least interested) in digital art and animation as well as programming with Construct 2 and can work over the internet. Payment would consist of a cut of the profits of the end product equivalent to the amount of effort put into the product. I am accepting résumés and such at fisher@smugames.com. 

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